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Modeling Excellence

Our program is comprehensive and aims to provide young models with the industry knowledge, skills and training required to succeed in the industry. Our students have an opportunity to gain real-life experience. Our comprehensive program aims to equip students with the right skills and training to join the modeling industry and become successful models.


Students will:

  • Be introduced to modeling and the industry of modelling

  • Learn and perfect the fundamentals of runway walk

  • Learn public speaking fundamentals to be able to present themselves best

  • Discover the different types of modeling, their best features and strengths as they relate to modeling

  • Learn how to groom and style themselves as professionals models

  • Gain industry knowledge on how to navigate the industry

  • Learn how to pass auditions and castings

  • Be educated on commercials, editorials, print shoots,

  • Learn about etiquette and how to conduct themselves professionally

  • Meet professionals in the industry and build their network



Sienna Kishore

Sienna has had an amazing first term at TKMA! The academy has created great social circles with students who share a passion for the fashion industry. The exceptional instructors and mentors have allowed her to acquire skills that are essential for runway/modelling. Thank you TKMA for the opportunity that has led to  Sienna modelling for Toronto Kids Fashion Week. This was an extraordinary opportunity where she showcased what she learned and looked like a pro!!!!!! We look forward to next term!!!!!!

          Narisha Kishore (parent)

image_6483441 (1).JPG

Mia Fuentes

Working with TK Modeling has provided my daughter with an amazing experience. Taking the modeling classes has really added to the excitement and joy she feels when modeling. This class is informative, engaging and overall truly beneficial to her future modeling endeavors. 

Thank you 


       Rossy Del Rosario (parent)

Shanessa A.jpg

Shanessa Alviar

I would like to share my daughter’s experience with you. Before my daughter, Shanessa, joined TKMA, she was very shy and no self-confidence. She didn’t want to interact with other people, because she was not comfortable especially when people staring at her. Since she started her modeling school, she had self-confidence. She always look forward the weekends to go to her modeling class. After the class, she told me that she enjoyed it and had a lot of fun. She learned a lot with good posture, catwalk, pose and personal hygiene. She even shared with me her experienced in personal hygiene class. She taught me the proper way on how to apply the face cream to avoid redness on the face. I was thrilled when she did it on my face. I said to myself “wow I didn’t even know this.” She was very happy and proud that she was able to walk on the final runway with confidence and gained an achievement award a certified model with TKFW. Thank you TKMA. You are amazing!

                           Rosie (Parent)


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