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From fundamentals to professionals

When learning something new, it is extremely important to understand the basics before going further. First and foremost, we provide kids with preliminary knowledge, introducing to them the fundamental and elementary concepts they need to know. To begin with the need to understand your body mechanics, engage kids in the practice of proper standing, differentiate between good posture and bad posture. Students will be put through the following training under the basic course; walking and posture, movement techniques, body awareness and control, hands and feet placement, and body balance.


Once students learned the basic knowledge, they will be moving to the next phase to learn the relationship between different music and the way they ought to walk to match with the tune and beats of the music. They will also be learning basic walking, pose, strike a pose, turns, deportment, and model etiquette.


Our professional trainers will put students through a series of training directed at understanding what Runway implies and how to use it to demonstrate clothing and accessories during fashion shows. To become a professional model, students need to know casting tips and its application. Students will learn about various casting tips and how to stand out in casting. The confidence to deliver a speech and communicates confidently also helps a model to have a successful career.


Throughout the program, students will learn different types of modeling from runway and editorial to commercial. This program aims to prepare youth who want to become professional models and have a career in modeling. 

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